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Computer Classes at Rotary Public School
Rotary Club of Faisalabad Janubi is running a Rotary Public School. Rotary Public School was founded in 1992 and is built on club’s registered land. All students are provided free education with books, stationary and uniforms. Six P4 systems have been arranged and on 27 May 2010 Rotarian Major Shahnawaz was invited to inaugurate the computer center. Vice Chairperson of School Committee PP. M. Bashir Herl, Club President M. Zulqurnain and Club Secretary Ateeq Herl along with other Rotarians from the club joined the ceremony. Rtn. Major Shahnawaz assured to help the club in making up the missing facilities of this Rotary school.
RC Computer Class
RC computer class
RC computer class
Charter Of Rotary Club Of Faisalabad Central
When a new rotary Club is formed, its members bio-data is forwarded to Rotary International. After due deliberation the charter is issued. This day is always a great day in the life history of that club. Rotary Club of Faisalabad Central received its charter on 25 May 2010, Tuesday.
charter of rotary club
District Governor Usman Masood Khan is presenting Charter to Rtn. Mr. Jafar Hussain, the Charter President of Rotary Club of Faisalabad Central. (L to R) Rtn. Habib-ur-Rehman, Rtn. Major Shahnawaz, Rtn. Sheikh Shafiq Ahmad, District Governor Usman Masood Khan, Rtn. Jafar Hussain,Rtn. Manzoor Ahmad.
charter of rotary club
Rotary International District 3270, District Governor Usman Masood khan is discussing with Rotarian Major Retd. Shahnawaz-ul-Hassan.
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Business Recorder
charter of rotary club
Rtn. Habib-ur-Rehman, Rtn. Major Shahnawaz and Rtn. Sheikh Shafiq Ahmad are listening to address by the district Governor.
charter of rotary club
Books are being presented to the district Governor.
Pakistan News

First District Assembly for Central Region of newly formed Rotary District 3272 was held on 25 April 2009 at Lahore. A large number of Rotary Club Presidents, Secretaries and Club Board Members from the region participated. This region consists of Rotary Clubs in and around Faisalabad, Toba Tek Singh, Jhang, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sialkot, Lahore, Sargodha and Sheikhupura. This assembly was well conducted and going was very smooth.
District Governor Elect 2011-12 for Rotary District 3272 Dr. Pervaiz Ehsan made it from Islamabad. DG Usman Masud graced the occasion with his presence despite the fact that he recently underwent eye surgery and is still recovering from it. PDG A.Q. Alavi, PDG Ata ur Rahman Barry, PDG Suhail Ahmad, PDG Shakil Ansari, IPDG Saeed Shamsi, DGN 2011-12 Pervez Ahsan and DGN 2012-13 Anthony Richards participated in the District Assembly
A total of over 230 participants came from Rotary Clubs in Central Region of D3272, including some from Northern and Southern Regions.

Stalwarts of Rotary District 3270 and 3272. (L to R) PDG Saeed Shamsi, PDG Shakil Ansari, District Governor 2010-11 Shahzad Ahmad, District Governor Usman Masood Khan, DGE 2012-13 Anthony Richards, PDG A.Q.Alvi and PDG Suhail Ahmad
Galaxy of Rts
A View of the conference hall with galaxy of Rotarians.
District Governor 3272
Rtn. Major Shahnawaz-ul-Hassan greets  District Governor Usman Masood Khan at the District Conference 3272. He made it to Lahore inspite of medical problems.
Conference Hall
 Another view of conference. (L to R) President Rotary Club of Faisalabad Sheikh Shafiq Ahmad, PDG A. Q. Alvi and Rtn. Major Shahnawaz-ul-Hassan (Retd.) all are very attentive.
Rtn. Major Shahnawaz-ul-Hassan with Past District Governor A. Q. Alvi before start of District Conference.
Greetings with D.G
Rtn. Major Shahnawaz-ul-Hassan greets District Governor 2010-11 for Rotary district 3272  before start of District Conference.
Suhail Ahmad
Rtn. Major Shahnawaz-ul-Hassan with Past District Governor Suhail Ahmad. He is a good singer too.
Mahmood Butt
Rtn. Major Shahnawaz-ul-Hassan with Deputy Governor Satwat Mahmood Butt at District Conference.
Shakil Ansari
Rtn. Major Shahnawaz-ul-Hassan with Past District Governor Shakil Ansari.
Jaffar Hussain
Rtn. Major Shahnawaz-ul-Hassan with Rtn. Dr. Jafar Hussain.