Rotarian Major Retd. Shahnawaz-ul-Hassan inspecting the computer centre for blind students at Al-Faisal Centre.
Rtn. Major Shahnawaz inspecting the work of a blind child, while many other Rotarians are present.
At A-Faisal Blind Centre after inaugurating Rotary International Development Project. PDG Asghar Qureshi and other Rotarians are prominent with Rtn. Major Retd. Shahnawaz-ul-Hassan. This was carried out with the help of Rotary Club of Faisalabad District 3270, Faisalabad, Pakistan, Rotary Club of Kerner Ville District 7690 USA and Rotary Foundation.
TB Hospital
Another flagship project of Rotary Club of Faisalabad is TB Hospital Faisalabad, Pakistan. Many development works were carried out with donations from club Rotarians and abroad. Rtn. Major Shahnawaz-ul-Hassan, Chairman Pasban IT Group Faisalabad, visiting TB patients at TB Hospital. He donated four Air Coolers and four insect killers to the hospital for use in the wards.
TB Hospital
This electric generator was donated by Rotary Club of Faisalabad, Pakistan to TB Hospital, through the efforts of Rotarian Haji Zaheer-ud-Din. Using this, patients are comforted during load-shedding.
TB Generator
Rotarian Major Retd. Shahnawaz is inaugurating Electric Generator at TB Hospital Faisalabad, while Rtn. Haji Zaheer-ud-Din, Rtn. Khan Muhammad and Mumtaz Sharif are also with him.
With the efforts of Haji Zaheer-ud-Din, Major Shahnawaz started helping leprosy patients. Rotarian Major Retd. Shahnawaz of Rotary Club of Faisalabad procured clothing (shalwar kameez) for leprosy patients. He is seen distributing clothes to the patients at Leprosy centre Faisalabad.
In this picture Rotarian Major Shahnawaz-ul-Hassan and Rotary President Khan Muhammad, Rotarian Haji Zaheer-ud-Din and Muhammad Zubair are with Leprosy Patients after distributing clothes to them on the occasion of Muslim  Religious Festival (Eid-ul-Fitr).
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TB News
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TB News
Dr Qureshi
Rotary Club of Faisalabad paid a visit to the hospital and Rotarian Major Shahnawaz-ul-Hassan donated a sum of rupees 200,000/= to this hospital for treatment of poor patients. In this picture Major Shahnawaz, Dr. Shamsa Hammad and Rotary President Muhammad Khan are presenting this cheque to Dr. Qureshi.
Dr. Captain Sultan Akbar Qureshi is running a free hospital at Faisalabad. Rotarian Major Retd. Shahnawaz-ul-Hassan donates food packets to ten poor patients of this hospital on monthly basis for full one year. In this picture, he is distributing food packets to them and Dr. Shamsa Hammad Kahloun is also present.
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TB News
Rotary International Rotary district 3270, District Governor (2008-09) Mr. Saeed Shamsi, Mrs. Saeed Shamsi and rotary members are inspecting X-Ray Machine at TB Hospital. This X-Ray machine was donated by Rotary Club of Faisalabad, Pakistan.
MRs Shamsi
Mrs. Saeed Shamsi wife of District Governor Saeed Shamsi accompanied Rotarians to the TB Hospital and distributed gifts to the patients admitted in the hospital. Rotarian Major Shahnawaz donated 20 plastic benches to this hospital on rotary platform.

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